This blog is home (at least for now) for the, still in progress, History From Everyone project. A project imagineted, designed and brought to life by an European Voluntary Service volunteer working in Donetsk Youth Debate Centre, an Ukrainian youth NGO that promotes the development of civil society by the means of social programmes and non-formal and informal education.

The goal of History From Everyone is to gather oral histories of some historical or personal relevance and complement them with the official written history related to the given events.

This project can only succeed with the help of everybody that is interested of sharing their own histories with me. Personal histories that occured during some sort of historical event (the people’s – or their parents’, grandparents’, etc. presence on Berlin during the fall of the Wall in 1989 or witnessing first hand the Portuguese Revolution of April 25th 1974, for example).

I appreciate the attention and hope to deliver to whoever is interested, in the best possible way, small fragments of the history of mankind during this project.

JS Braga

Versão Portuguesa


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